Happy St. Michael Thomas day.

Part of me resents those who were at Anfield on the 26th May 1989. As a 20 year old I even resent any Arsenal fans that were even alive to witness it. At the same time though, reading the stories and memories of that day give me that wonderful feeling that only the Arsenal can seem to conjure. Perhaps envy is more appropriate word than resent.

The whole drama of the occasion was remarkable, and still remains unparalleled today. Arsenal travelled to Anfield knowing that only a victory by three goals or more or a 2-0 win  would prevent Liverpool from completing a league and cup double.  Despite taking the lead through a second half Alan Smith goal, it looked like ending in tears for the visitors. With the match deep into injury however, Lee Dixon launched one final hopeful ball forward. The rest, as they say, is history.

21 years on the match is still considered the most remarkable end to a league season in English Football history. So whether you were there in person, watching the game in a crowded North London pub or, like me, but an embryo, join me in raising a toast to Michael Thomas and the League Champions of ’89.

Ooo to be a Gooner.


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