So I guess this is farewell.

Some things in sport are as inevitable as night following day.  No Grand Prix is complete without Martin Brundle brilliantly interrupting Tanja Bauer on his grid-walk. You can be almost as sure of a British fighter being let down by their wrestling in the world of mixed martial arts. When it comes to football, and more specifically Arsenal however, nothing is more likely than a summer of uncertainty and discontent.

The noises coming out of the Emirates in the past couple of days are far from promising, and it seems that for all of the prayers of the Arsenal faithful, Fabregas is going home. Though even the most optimistic of Gooners knew the time would come, most were hoping that he would honour at least one of the four years remaining on his contract.

As the old adage goes, no player is bigger than the club. It is a phrase that has lingered around the club like a bad smell in the past, as superstar after superstar has fled for supposedly greener pastures. The death of Arsenal Football Club has been rumoured more times than Barry Chuckle, but regardless of comings and goings, we have continued to be competitive in both domestic and European football.

There is no downplaying the significance of the loss of Cesc, but if the fees being projected (£35 million) are on the mark, then the money from the deal could go a long way to strengthening other areas.  Let’s say the move saw Yaya Toure arriving in London, armed with a cheque for £25 million. The Ivorian would bulk up an undersized Arsenal midfield, with Nasri given the responsibility of filling Fabregas’ boots. With Chamakh believed to be a done deal, that would leave a considerable amount of money to address the perennial goalkeeper problem, as well as the defender shortage.

Of course the major stumbling block is Wenger’s reluctance to spend. A summer spending could be seen as the Frenchman admitting that his perseverance with youth was a wasted foray. Hopefully the planned Emirates Cup protests will be enough to persuade Arsene to change the habit of a lifetime.

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2 Responses to “So I guess this is farewell.”
  1. Phil says:

    It seems like Arsenal are a team lost upon a storybook of lost championships and Invincible times in which Arsenal were the team to beat. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Not so much in a respective champions league position each season, but losing out to the Billion dollar men, who profit from the victories of European and English football.

    Wenger is a very shrewd but intelligent man who knows Arsenal does not have the money to spend on anybody who he wishes, without paying a bigger price in the future if results don’t reflect the spending. The club is in a larger amount of debt because of its venture from Highbury to the Emirates stadium, and they are trying to balance its debts with a hope of cups of and successful development of younger players creating high value transfer revenue for the club in the future or collateral to quieten disappointed Arsenal fans. Arsene Wenger is in a position of looking back at his team and repeating, “We have done well for what we have”. And that’s all he can do, because of Arsenals internal environment. Arsene would not be given the sack anytime soon because of his fantastic saving of money each season and his shyness to spend it, allows the club to grow from the inside, which unfortunately doesn’t quite shine on the outside of a club that has the talent but indefinitely without clinical ruthlessness which reflects on season, on season of disappointment of missing out on the Premier League and other Domestic and European Cups.

    On the brighter side of things however, in the long awaited future this system will hopefully reward itself because of the bright young stars developed by Wenger coming through the youth system. As Chelsea and teams like Man City and Man Utd, may one day struggle in debt because of the current owners either leaving or fade away to a distance, teams like Arsenal backroom staff and owners will be pleased of how they ran their club.

    Patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait….

  2. So true. Wenger has no choice but to spend otherwise, as brilliant as he is at nurturing unknowns, we will get left behind. Man City will spend big again this summer, and you can probably expect Chelsea to do the same.

    At the very least he needs to reinvest the cash that we get for Cesc.

    It looks like we might be making a bid for Schwarzer. Though he is an excellent Premier League keeper, I think he is the least that we can expect. A last case scenario. I would prefer to head into next season with him in goal than Almunia, but I still think a team of our stature should have one of the worlds best.

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